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Dr. Roberto Burgos, D.D.S.

Dr. Burgos is our new owner and has been practising dentistry for 23 years. He enjoys helping people in all areas of dentistry. Dr. Burgos loves working with microscope ( microdentistry ) and he is developing his practice in Invisalign.







Dr. David Grant, B.D.S.

Dr. Grant has practiced at this location for over 40 years.

He values the relationships that he has developed with his patients over time, and enjoys treating the generations of family members that he has watched grow. He is fortunate to have a very loyal patient following, many of whom travel a number of miles to see him.  While Dr. Grant practices in all of the areas of general dentistry, he has a particular interest in treating dry-mouth syndrome.








Heather joined our hygiene team over 30 years ago. She has earned the trust and loyalty of many patients and has had an opportunity to watch a number of patients transition from childhood to adulthood. 

Heather treasures her relationships with her patients, and has been known to exchange photos, recipes, and travel stories with them.






Stephanie is a registered dental hygienist with more than 27 years of work experience including 8 years working in Switzerland. She is certified in digital imaging. Dental Emergency & CPR-HCP with AED training plus authorized to Self-Initiate.







Mirjana wears two hats in our practice!  Mirjana is trained as both a certified dental assistant, as well as a registered dental hygienist.











Once a small town northern girl who grew up in Kapuskasing, Steena is now a certified Dental Assistant to Dr. David Grant for the past 27 years , and happy to say still going strong together.

Over the past many years patients have become more like extended family to Steena. Having been through happy and sad times together. Steena never realized how much her patients were like family until her youngest daughter become ill and Steena spent many weeks away from the ental office, only to return and have patients show genue concern for her daughter as well as health concern for her well being.

Steena says:" Thank you all for being such a great " Family"!



Palma Cicco is Certified Dental Assistant who has been practising for over 25 years. In addition, Palma is also a Homeopathic Practitioner with an office in Vaughan Ontario. With her experience in the dental field, she is able to integrate homeopathy for specific dental procedures.

Palma became interested in homeopathy after she experienced a personal illness in which homeopathy along with other alternative treatments helped her in her recovery. Through this experience, she realized that most illness are prevententative with the assistance of combination therapies.

At Dr. Burgos & Dr. Grant Dental Office, they understand the importance of combination therapies and the benefits it can provide their parents. They not only care about their patients oral health but are also advocates of health education and promoting what is best for the patient. For these reasons, Palma has enjoyed working with them over the years and respects their dedication and commitment to their patients.

Website: www.palmaholistichealth.com



Paula is new to the dental team, but not new to the profession. Paula has many years experience as a Dental Assistant. Getting to know patients and building relationship with them is important to her. Paula believes in continuing education and she is an active member of ODAA.

In her free time Paula enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. Also she enjoys taking walks and spending time outdoors gardening and enjoying nature.

I try to live my life by the following quote:"Love with all your heart. Live with all your soul. Leave all else to God!"





Mary has been an administrator / receptionist in this office for the past eighteen years. From the time she began here she has been continually impresed with the level of professionalism in all areas of dental care as well as the respect and care for individual patients by each staff member. She also notes that her colleagues respect and care for each other as well.

Mary looks forward to each day of both serving new patients as well as those she has known for years.





Robin has been with the office for 25 years. She has enjoyed having the opportunity to watch families grow and change over time. Along with her coworkers, she is certified in WHMIS, CPR and First Aid.

Outside of the office, Robin enjoys spending time with her husband and children. She loves long nature walks with her dog and snuggling in a cozy spot with a good book and her furry buddies, a golden retriever and golden tabby cat.





Julia is new to our office, being in our team for almost two years.  Her top priority is patient's comfort and care. Together with her co-workers, Julia keeps the office running smoothly with her reception, clerical and billing duties. Challenge is what keeps her moving forward.

Outside the office Julia is certified fashion designer with many years of experience, dancer/choreographer/performer from 5 years old & lead photographer in "JuliArtFlash".

"Never give up!" - is her lifestyle quote.


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